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NOTE: This is my very first solo fan fic, so dont leave any rude comments- I'm new at this!


Intoduction- Cell Returns! The surprising end of the Cell Games!

Goku has bravley sacrafised himself to save the world by taking the exploading Cell to King Kai's planet...

"Its all my fault!" screamed Gohan. "What do you mean?" said Yamcha, "You did great!" "Hes right Gohan," stated Piccolo kindly, "Your father made hes own choice, it was not in your hands." "But If I-" Gohan started to reply but all of a sudden a thin Ki blast shot right through Trunks, killing him. "Trunks!," Krillin said, as everyone exept Vegeta and Gohan ran to him. "my only son....its all Kakorots fault! How could I let this happen?! He gave his life up for me...AND I HAVE BEEN BUT IGNORING HIM! Cell... HE HAS TRICKED ME AND BATTLE AND MOCKED MY SAYIAN RACE1 But now....HE HAS CROSSED THE LINE! HE WILL PAY ULTIMATELY FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE!" yelled Vegeta in fury. He chared twards Cell in an all out attack. He launched balst after blast for 3 whole minutes. "Finally, Its over," said Vegeta, panting hard. Everyone was in awe. Then Cell came out of the dust. "Wrong! ITS OVER WHEN I SAY ITS OVER!" he yealled, as he smacked Vegeta into the ground. He prepared to fire a ki blast. "No Vegeta!" yelled Gohan defending Vegeta. The ki blast hit Gohan, breaking his left arm and leg and covering the left half of his face with blood.