Nam is a desert warrior who entered the 21st Budokai and became friends withGoku. His skills are that of a
Super Human as his skills far surpass that of strong humans such as Mr Satan. Nam's story is very similar to uub as both are Martial Artists and semi rivals of Goku, however uub plays a much bigger role in the series, especially in GT.He also makes a brief appearance in dragon ball gt at the end of the baby saga meditating when Goku is trying to round up the remaining survivors on almost-exploding Earth. He has appeared to age from the original series, now sporting a thick black beard and mustache. He and Goku do not show any signs of recognizing each other (which is understandable as Goku is in the super saying 4 transformation, and neither have seen each other since the original Dragon Ball series). Nam learned how to use kamahamaha in heaven.