Vekau is very powerful. He became a Super Saiyan after he
saw that a stranger killed his only son. Vekau is a hotheaded man, he has a sister which he has never seen but his dad tells him about. He can use a new attack called Kamahamahamahhhhaaaaa which triples the power in the attack. He has gotten to ssj2, but had a very hard time due to the face that he is a low class saiyan. He has a power level over Frieza's power level but they still called him a low class. He has seen Vegetal once and tought he could beat him in a battle since he was a ssj1, Vegetal beat him up with one punch as a ssj4. He does not hate Vegeta but he still wants to beat him in a battle similar to Vegeta and Goku. He uses an attack called Firesteak which shoots two yellow beams that can kill about anything that gets in its way. Vekau hates Goki which is unknown. He saves many people and is a great person.


X10 kaio ken

X10 kamhameha